Teaching English in Australia

Similar in size to the USA, Australia has only a fraction of the population and all the wild-roaming space you could possibly need, complete with stunning scenery and all manner of wildlife. Its coastal cities are also part of its pulling power, as is the fascination with its ancient past.

Long before European explorers blazed a trail through the country, the Aboriginal people, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, thrived and there has been a concentrated effort in recent years to preserve their culture. Meanwhile, a cultural mix has penetrated the cities which are enriched with people from across the globe, including Chinese and Greek communities.

Why you might want to teach in Australia:

  • The salaries are better than many western countries
  • Kangaroo Island – less-visited than Fraser Island, but with far more to see
  • Melbourne – vibrant, cosmopolitan city with excellent food and nightlife
  • Flinders Ranges – a camper’s and hiker’s paradise
  • The Whitsundays – serene sailing and some of the best snorkelling and diving anywhere



Things you might not know about Teaching English in Australia

  • Australia’s highest-ever recorded temperature was a scorching 123°F!
  • Australia’s wildlife is notorious: its crocodiles can to 20ft long!
  • Australians love having a burger on the bar-b! The average Australian will consume the equivalent of 18 whole cows in their life!
  • There are actually four types of boomerang, and only one will return to the thrower


The demand for teachers is high, but there’s lots of competition for jobs

Main TEFL regions

Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne


Types of teaching

PELICOS language schools: General English, Cambridge (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE), Business English, EAP, IELTS, TOEIC

University ELICOS centres: General English, EAP, IELTS

Private non-ELICOS language schools: General English, Cambridge (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE), Business English, EAP, IELTS, TOEIC

TAFE colleges: General English, ESP


AMES: General English, EAP, ESP



You will usually have to arrange this yourself. A room in a shared apartment starts at about A$300 per month, while an apartment of your own will be at least A$800 per month.

Flight reimbursement




A$2,400 -A$4,600 per month, depending on your qualifications and experience.


At the lower end of the salary range, you’ll pay about 11% of your salary as tax; at the higher end, it’ll be more like 18%.


Cost of living

The cost of living is on a par with other western countries. A weekly travel pass for Sydney city centre will cost A$35, a beer in a bar is about A$4, while a cinema ticket is about A$9.


Potential to save money

On a starter’s salary, you’re unlikely to save any money; but as your earnings increase with your experience, you should be able to put some money in the bank.


How much TEFL training is recommended?

As the market is so competitive, you should get as much training as possible. TEFL Zorritos 160 hour on-site course will fully prepare you for teaching in Australia or anywhere else in the world.  With the 5 advanced certifications included as part of the 160 hour course you will definitely have an advantage when looking for a job in Australia.


Common teaching conditions

You’ll usually be teaching for 25 hours each week. Your students will be immigrants from across the globe.

Be aware…

If you’re a native English speaker who hails from outside of Australia, be aware that some words have slightly different meanings in here, which can lead to some embarrassing situations!k & Visas

How do I find work?

If you’re suitably qualified, try applying to the schools listed on the ELICOS website. This is the only way you’re likely to be able to get a job without being in Australia.


Can I find work while in-country?

As most teachers work on short contracts, this is your best option. You can still use the ELICOS list, or you could simply pick up the local yellow pages – there are hundreds of language schools across the country.


What is the usual hiring process?

The best way is to take your CV into the school and they’ll arrange an interview if you’re up to their standards.


Is a work visa required to find paid work?

Yes. Most overseas teachers work on a 12-month Working Holiday Visa. It’s available to 18-30 year olds from the UK, Canada, the USA, Ireland and several other countries.  If you’re not from one of the countries participating in the scheme, it will be difficult to obtain a visa.  New Zealand Citizens, however, do not need a visa.


Work visa requirements:

  • Aged 18-30
  • From one of the participating countries
  • You can only work for each employer for six months
  • Copies of birth certificate and valid passport
  • Copies of qualifications
  • Health Insurance
  • Evidence of at least A$5,000 in the bank


TEFL Zorritos: What could be better?  Study in a beautiful Peruvian beach town at our beach-front outdoor training centre with great accommodations available, including delicious local food.  Fully accredited 120 Hour TEFL course with a practical approach that provides you with 5 advanced certifications at absolutely no extra cost!  And a guaranteed job waiting for you when you complete the course.

Class sizes are limited, so don’t wait, make your reservation today!

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