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Our March 2016 Course


TEFL Zorritos is the only TEFL institute in Peru where trainees can study on the coast and outside of a major city, in the idyllic coastal town of Zorritos. It offers a truly unique opportunity for TEFL trainees to study an internationally accepted TEFL course, whilst enjoying a rich cultural experience in Peru.



Although TEFL Zorritos delivers its courses under the umbrella of Paradise TEFL, it is not simply another location in a huge worldwide chain. Like all Paradise TEFL institutes it takes a unique hands-on approach to the teaching and delivery of its course.

Our mission is to deliver not only a TEFL Certificate course of the highest quality, but to also allow trainees to experience Peruvian life and live like a local for a month. We keep our class sizes to a maximum of 12 trainees and offer guidance and assistance every step of the way; TEFL  Zorritos aims to create a unique experience which is not offered through the large TEFL training providers.   

October 2

Our October 2014 Course 



The Founder of TEFL Zorritos, Ellie Ryan, has called Peru home for many years and opened a TEFL training institute in unspoiled Zorritos because of its warm climate, gorgeous beaches and the rich culture which is still untouched by the tourism boom. 

As she started her teaching career many years ago when she studied TEFL in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she understands what a challenging journey it can be and wanted to open a TEFL institute which focuses on every aspect of the trainee’s experience.    




Ellie Ryan, Founder & Head TEFL Trainer, TEFL Zorritos

Ellie Ryan, Founder & Head TEFL Trainer, TEFL Zorritos

Ellie Ryan is a highly experienced TEFL teacher and trainer; originally from Australia she has spent many years in South America studying, traveling and teaching and Peru is her second home.

Ellie’s TEFL experience is wide-ranging, from teaching Business English in Buenos Aires to delivering government funded programs for immigrants in Melbourne, Australia. The majority of her time has been dedicated to TEFL teaching and training in Peru; working with diverse student groups from preschoolers and teenagers to business professionals, tailoring personalized courses for petrol engineers to running language institutes in Arequipa and Zorritos. 

Ellie is the Founder and Head TEFL trainer of TEFL Zorritos, and since 2013 she has dedicated herself to creating TEFL training institutes that deliver highly personalized courses, preparing trainees professionally and personally for their future lives as teachers. TEFL training and teaching are her passions and they have allowed her to live and work both in South America and Australia.

Here are some snapshots of Ellie’s past students…





Adan Garcia – Our Magnificent On-Site Coordinator

Adan Garcia completed our TEFL Certificate course in October 2015 and since then he has been gaining teaching experience in Peru. Adan lives in the north of Peru and has worked teaching all ages from children to adults, therefore gaining a thorough understanding of the common teaching conditions in rural Peru. This experience has aided him greatly in his current role with TEFL Zorritos as our On-Site Coordinator; Adan plays a pivotal role in the program as an observers of our trainees’ teaching practice classes and he is also responsible for the successful running of our job placement program in Peru. Adan has called Peru home for many years and plans to settle here long term.




Cathleen Howard

Cathleen Howard

Cathleen is a highly experienced TEFL teacher and trainer; originally from the United States she has spent many years teaching in Mexico, making it her second home.

Cathleen has taught in Mexico, Peru and the United States and prior to stepping into the world of TEFL teaching and training, she lead a whole other life as the owner and president of a highly successful employee benefits consulting firm. She specializes in preparation for international English exams such as TOEFL and IELTS and her teaching experience includes teaching EFL and exam preparation at universities and renowned language institutes throughout Mexico and Peru. 

Cathleen is a vivacious, natural teacher with an incredible energy and dedication to everything she sets her mind to. Most importantly, Cathleen is also a certified Leader of Laughter Yoga in the classroom. As one of our resident trainers, she will ensure that every aspect of your TEFL experience is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. 


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“I had an amazing time and will recommend to all friends. Ellie was a wonderful and passionate teacher. She showed professionalism and experience throughout the course” Jeremy Petru, USA, October 2014

“If you want to teach TEFL in South America (especially in Peru), take this course.  Ellie’s the best.  Zorritos and Sunset Club are the perfect locations for an intensive, one-month program.  The teaching practice is invaluable.  Do it.  Seriously, do it!” Adam Stengel, USA, September 2014

“This was such a great course. I can’t recommend it highly enough! The practice teaching classes were invaluable. I can’t imagine entering a TEFL classroom for the first time without having had this experience. The fact that we taught real, local students with a variety of ability levels was unbelievably helpful. If a TEFL course doesn’t offer teaching experience with real, non-English-speaking students, don’t take it! “Greg Zoller, USA, September 2014

“It was all perfect.  All the classes helped me to find my voice.  I got better with every class.  I learned that I am and forever could be an English teacher.  Thank you for this key to the doorway of the world.” Marty Bertoni, USA, September 2014

“Practice teaching is what makes a TEFL course relevant. You can sit in a classroom and learn teaching methodologies but until you are given an opportunity to implement them, it means nothing. I learned how to be confident in front of students, how to engage students of all abilities and how to deliver content accurately and insightfully. Incredible program overall and the cultural experience is worth every minute.” Rockwell Louke, USA, May 2014

“TEFL Zorritos was phenomenal, I could not have asked for more. Ellie, my instructor, absolutely went above and beyond the call of duty in every way and provided an incredibly satisfying and comprehensive course. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any and all who are interested.” Peter McGann, USA, May 2014

“The course location was great.  Having the Internet everyday was a huge advantage.  I liked being able to take some time after lunch to jump in the ocean and relax in the sun.” Nate Younker, USA, January 2014

“The practical teaching classes were excellent.  Theory in class was very good, but to put it into practice in a challenging environment was imperative.  The trainer was fantastic.  She obviously had an incredible amount of knowledge and experience and I especially enjoyed her teaching us.” George Docherty, UK, January 2014

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