TEFL Zorritos at Sunset Club

TEFL Zorritos at Sunset Club

Life is simple in Zorritos and the accommodation, food and lifestyle all reflect this. Accommodation is available in beach-side bungalows, hostels, hospedajes, low end and high end hotels. All of them will provide rooms with bathrooms however there is very limited available accommodation with kitchens, hot water or air-conditioning are only available at higher end hotels.

We recommend several different accommodation providers to suit all needs and budgets. Our beach-front outdoor training centre is located at Sunset Club, which is why we offer course packages which include accommodation at the Club at a highly discounted rate.  All prices are for a month, which is the duration of the course. 



Sunset Club is a private hotel and club on a gorgeous, spacious property of 20,000 m2 right on the beach. Our beach-front outdoor training centre is also located at Sunset; an outdoor area surrounded by palm trees and overlooking their stunning private beach. The club has various swimming pools, bars, a restaurant, tennis courts, a soccer pitch and a playground. 

We offer a course package which includes our TEFL Certificate course and accommodation for the duration of the course at a heavily discounted price only for our trainees. Sunset Club offers a beach-front room room with ocean views, private bathroom, hot water, WiFi, cable, daily full breakfast (eggs, bread, butter, jam, tea/coffee and fresh juice) and use of all of Sunset Club’s facilities – only US$2,120 per person or US$1,970 per person twin share

Reviews of Sunset Club

“Nothin’ but a little slice of paradise.” Peter McGann, USA

“Sunset Club is a little slice of heaven.  It makes for a beautiful classroom environment.  The location, the owners, and the staff are top notch. The accommodations were clean and comfortable. The staff were considerate and efficient.” Greg Avila, USA

“Sunset Club was extremely relaxing and made for a great learning environment.  The staff were very kind to us and quickly became our friends.  The rooms and facilities were very nice as well.” Michael Huffman, USA

“Sunset Club was a beautiful location for this class. It was comfortable and peaceful. The staff were excellent and took care of all our needs. The accommodations were very comfortable. Clean rooms, hot showers and a beautiful view of the ocean from the balcony of our room.” Cheryl Avila, USA

“Accommodation grand. I like living on the beach.” Indiana Forsell McLauchlan, NZ

“Perfect!! I give it score of a perfect 10!!” Marty Bertoni, USA

 “The room was nice, more than adequate for the month. So great to have an ocean view! Love the access to pool, beach, ping pong etc.” Adan Garcia, USA


Mar Adentro is an inviting hospedaje just outside the centre of Zorritos. A secluded palm-tree filled space right on the beach with a small pool, it offers guests a quiet sanctuary; a space to relax and wind down. Guests are able to use the communal kitchen to prepare themselves meals and the hospedaje has hot water and WiFi. 

  • We offer a course package which includes our TEFL Certificate and accommodation for the duration of the course at Mar Adentro; a double bed, a private bathroom with hot water, use of the communal kitchen and WiFi for only US$1,760 per person or US$1,660 per person for a couple
  • Double room for two people (separate beds) – two double beds, a private bathroom with hot water, use of the communal kitchen and WiFi – US$200 per person

** Note: If you would like breakfast daily at Mar Adentro you can pay an extra US$100 and receive eggs, bread, butter, jam, tea/coffee and fresh juice daily for the month.

Reviews of Mar Adentro

“Mar Adentro is a great option for people who want a little more autonomy and privacy. I enjoyed the access to the kitchen and the fact that most of the month I was the only guest although I did enjoy the company of a few of them as well. Flavio and his sisters are great owners and hosts along with being very generous. Often Flavio invited me to have a juice, beer, or even breakfast free charge. He even let me take all the coconuts I wanted! Also, all of the services were great such as hot water, and Wifi. Flavio for a small fee brought me the big jugs of water and did my laundry. Overall, I had a great experience at Mar Adentro.” Drew Peterson, USA


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